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Quick Answers

Do I need a driving license in Greece?

Like everywhere there are also differences in Greece which models you can drive and which models you can rent regarding your driving license. Regardless of what you are allowed to drive in your home country you must have the following licenses in Greece to rent the models of your choise:

Scooter with 50 ccm:AM or M (only the B license is not enough!)
Scooter up to 125 ccm:A1 or A
Scooter over 125 ccm:A
Quad, buggy or car:B

Any drivers licence outside Euro zone will need an international drivers licence to rent a scooter, quad or car.

How does the insurance work?

All rented scooters and quads are insured, but only for third party. Please note, in Greece there is no insurance company that provides full insurance for any rental scooters, ATV´s or buggy´s. Any damages caused by the driver will be charged for the damaged parts that will need to be replaced. Be careful: Many rentals advertise with a full insurance! But when you read the small print you will find out that they also only have a Liability Insurance! And unfortunately you will be charged for damages even you thought you have a full insurance.

Some Car Rentals offer full insurance. But here too: read the small print! The difference between a true full insurance and what some companies CALL a full insurance is big!

Do I have to wear a helmet if I rent a scooter or quad?

Definitely! Not to mention that it is much safer in Greece there is a helmet obligation for scooter & quad! The penalty for driving without a helmet is 350,  €!

Can we take our kids with us on a bike or quad?

If your children can hold on independently it is allowed. But you can not go as a couple with your child as an extra passenger! All scooter or quads are suitable only for 2 persons! lt is strictly forbidden to drive this models with more than 2 persons!

I have never driven scooters before. Can I still rent one anyway?

Experience on motorized two-wheelers and the necessary driving licenses are mandatory for renting a scooter!

How long is a rental day?

If you rent a vehicle for only 1 day it is not 24 hours! The rental begins in the morning and in the evening you will return the vehicle.

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