There are several reasons why a visit to the Rhodes Toy Museum will suprise you. First of them is the amazing environment where the museum is situated. Surrounded by olive groves, mountains and a pine forest, with a stunning view,  it feels like ‘in the middle of nowhere’ , and actually the location is very convenient, on the road between the Seven springs and the butterfly valley.

Then there’s the huge collection of toys, suprisingly most of them produced in Greece. Apparantly there were a lot of toy factories in Greece between the 1930 and 1995. Most of these toys are well known in all countries, so be prepared to have childhood memories come alive and to enjoy the beauty of the toys from the past.

A toy museum inspires to play. So if you think you will just look at toys in a display you’re mistaken. There are quite some challenging interactive games for visitors of all ages, a craftscorner where kids can make their own toys and a play area with lego, playmobil, dolls etc.

A hidden treasure is the basement, where one can see and play with (!) arcade electronic games. If you remember the pacman, Mario Bros, pinballmachines and more, there’s a good chance that you’ll return to your childhood, remembering the enthousiasm you felt when you played at those days.

Outside there’s a terrace where visitors can enjoy the stunning view.
Also there’s a shop with (retro) toys and handmade souvenirs, in case you would like to have something  to remember your visit to the Toy Museum.

Bring back memories and relive your childhood at the Rhodes Toy Museum!

Toys Museum Rhodes

Because there’s a lot of space inside and around the museum, it’s easy to respect social distancing!



85106 Archipoli


Phone:    +30 698 5702210


Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 h
Mondays closed.

Free Entrance!