Pfotenretter-Rhodos e.V. is a registered animal protection association that gives stray dogs and abandoned dogs a new home. We are recognized as a non-profit organization and have the permission of the responsible veterinary office in accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act.
Behind Pfotenretter-Rhodos e.V. are people who have already dealt with dogs or cats from Rhodes. We see it as our task to give the dogs a home in the shelter and on the streets, thereby supporting the work of the animal rights activists on site. We also provide placement services for the local animal shelter. Cats also often find a nice new home through us.

It is also important to us to help ensure that castration campaigns are carried out regularly.

Chip, vaccination, parasite treatment, flight and return of the box, castration and possibly medical treatment are paid from the nominal fee, there is nothing left. However, the dogs in the shelter still need to be looked after.

Look into the eyes of your darling who came from Rhodes and please donate now for those who are still waiting for a new life!

Our Team

We are a small association with a few members. Together we put a lot of joy and passion into our project, that is what distinguishes us. Our association consists of 3 board members, each of whom is authorized to represent individually.

Sigrid Baumann

Sigrid Baumann

CEO, co-founder
Nicole Seefelder

Nicole Seefelder

CEO, co-founder


Get in contact with Pfotenretter Rhodos e.V. and find out how you may can help.

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    We and our animals are happy about every little support.


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