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Rhodes Buggy Safari from Kolymbia


Away from the roads, you can experience the island from other sides. Rhodes Buggy Safari... more than an adventure offers you more than just off-road fun.

On our routes you will experience wild nature, incredible mountain passes and breathtaking views of the beauties of Rhodes. You will never forget the contrast between mountains and bays! We leave not only traces in the sand, but memories that remain eternal. The play of colours and the vastness of the sea will leave a lasting impression. Also the traditional villages, historical monasteries and churches that our routes lead past - Get dusty at the Rhodes buggy safari starting from Kolymbia and explore new places. Exciting adventures with best equipment.

Tours ( for all tours: Meeting point in Kolymbia - No transfer possible )

Archangelos - Buggy Safari Rhodes
Archangelos Coast Buggy Safari
Archipoli - Buggy Safari Rhodes
Archipoli Adventure
Prassonissi - Buggy Safari Rhodes
Prassonissi Edge of Rhodes
Monolithos castle Sunset Buggy Safari Rhodes
Monolithos Sunset

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